22 outubro 2005

after all, more fire

it is impossible to deny
I can hardly breath when I think of it
but it is impossible to back away
impossible not to obey
not a choice or an option

many were there and heard the same challenges
I am sure,
most had already heard them before
as I

we all tried to hide our faces,
we moved around in our chairs
the confrontation was bare
and it confronted me

the preacher filled his mouth with the right words
and the feeling we felt
was more authentic then we were expecting
the encouragement was such
it felt impossible not to follow
and impossible not to pursue
in the end our hearts were flaming
should we laugh in joy?
should we cry in desperate shame?

oh Lord, after all our sin
You’ve given us more fire
lead us towards the unreached ones

2 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

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pedpau disse...

That´s truth. I fell the same.